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Saturday, January 28, 2023

Forrest Gump and Sweet Home Alabama actor Bob Penny dies at 87

VIP tickets for the singer’s Las Vegas residency show are being flogged for £4 million

Forrest Gump and Sweet Home Alabama actor Bob Penny dies at 87

Adele fans have shared their outrage at the eye-watering costs of VIP tickets being sold for her Las Vegas residency show.

Included as part of an ‘Emperor Package’ provided by Caesars Entertainment, these tickets are being priced at an astonishing $5 million (£4.1 million).

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The package provides 12 tickets to the Las Vegas Formula 1 Grand Prix next November – and only two tickets for Adele’s concert at Caesars Palace in Sin City, angering hopeful residency attendees.

The expensive price tag may not come as such a surprise to some, as standard tickets for the inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix were initially being sold for £2,000.

Fans branded the pricey package as “sickening” on Twitter as they posted their outrage at the ticket prices.

One person wrote: “Absolutely sickening that F1 is even allowing this! Why would I even consider a race in the US when I can easily and am go to Europe to see a race for a fraction of the cost and that includes airfare and hotel.”

A second said: “This is so ridiculous! Is this what a formula 1 Emperor Package has come to? I am fuming why only 2 tickets to Adele’s Residency at Caesar’s Palace? We need 12! Fix this!”

“The two Adeles residency really seals the deal if they were on the fence of why would you spend 5 million,” a third commented.

Those purchasing the ‘Emperor Package’ can also expect to receive a five-nights stay at the Nobu Sky Billa, a private dinner with Chef Nobu Matsuhisa and a 24-hour butler.

It was pointed out by users that the deal allowed 12 persons to enjoy all perks listed apart from Adele’s residency show.

One person tweeted: “So for $5m you get to take 11 guests to the F1, and then say to 10 guest sorry no Adele for you”, followed by several other unhappy responses.

Adele’s firm A Adkins Touring Ltd has made millions this year, as a result of the artist’s Vegas residency and Hyde Park show held in London this summer.

F1 chief executive Stefano Domenicali addressed the hefty ticket prices, as he said: “In terms of price positioning we are going to be on the top side because this is Las Vegas and that is the nature of the customer coming to Las Vegas.”

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